One of our important ministries that we really need to re charge is delivering communion to the homebound. We are looking to October 7th as the start of what we hope revitalizes this calling. Currently we have some 20-26 members classified as homebound on our Deacons’ Special Persons List. And, at any given time we have a number of others who are ill, in the hospital or receiving treatments or just not able to come to church. I can tell you, from experience, how they treasure the opportunity to receive communion each month.

In order to make this happen we need teams of 2 people to go out together. We provide the bread, the juice, the cup, the plate, the liturgy and the bag to carry it all. We do know that already we have some 45 people trained for this ministry; but if you wish to help and have not been trained; please let us know and we will get you ready and prepared to go out and serve your church family. I know, as well, that you will find serving communion a deeply moving experience.

So, all we need now are volunteers. Please sign up in the Chapel, or see me at church this Sunday, or call me at home at 423-5692.

Thank you and God bless.

Milt Fredericks
Lay Pastor of Congregational Care