Scarecrow Event

Saturday, October 5th from 4-7 pm at the Mixner residence. I expect a nice turnout, as that is also my birthday; please and thank you!

CLOTHING DONATIONS are needed to dress the scarecrows. Specific items needed are child size Jeans/Pants with Belt Loops, Long Sleeve Shirts. Thank you!

T.E.A. Time

The “T.E.A,” stands for, “Teens Empowering Adults”. At these quarterly events, beginning Saturday, October 12th at 4 pm, my hope is that the teens of this church will be able to help answer, and empower, the adults about technology. I would like the adults to bring their questions on cellphones, computers, Netflix, email, Facebook, etc. so the students can help walk them through how those things work or just what it is so they can have a better understanding of these things when their kids and grandkids talk about them at family functions. My hope is that this will also empower the teens so they feel as though they have a purpose and help bridge the generation gap. Feel free to write any questions you have regarding technology and place them in my mailbox. Or, if you’re on more of the advanced technology track, feel free to email me at