Listing of major initiatives for Year

  1. The sanctuary was painted by Gross Construction with many associated repairs. Cost approximately $68,650.00
  2. Air conditioning was installed in the Chapel by John Pafumi for a cost of approximately $21,411.00
  3. Fencing was installed outside the chapel to secure the new air conditioning units by John Higgins at a cost of $675.00
  4. The Center Street door was painted as directed by our insurance company for $425.00
  5. The church hired a structural engineering firm to investigate potential damage from adjacent construction/demolition activity. Subsequent to this report Gross was instructed to proceed with the painting as described in item #1 above.
  6. Church property was appraised by Industrial Appraisal Co. (last done in 2005), results forwarded to our carrier.
  7. Much work was done to the boilers in the summer by John Pafumi.
  8. Much painting was done this summer/fall by Jan Edick throughout the building.
  9. There was considerable investigation regarding the roof leaks. After considerable discussion it was decided to award a contract to Ken Morton Roofing to replace the sanctuary roof. Cost $72,000.
  10. The Board received a quote and awarded a contract to have the education wing painted (both floors) in 2020, for a price of $14,105.
  11. The Board approved carpeting in the Nursery and Beginners room by Abbey Carpet for $4800- $5800.
  12. The Board coordinated with the safety committee for the fire drill exercise.
  13. The Board coordinated with Jack regarding repairs to the organ for cost of approximately $50,000.
  14. Basement windows in Chapel are being restored by Bernie C.
  15. The Board conducted a walk thru with the Woodbury PD regarding safe evacuation of the building.