A couple of weeks ago, Pastor Phil and I did back-to-back sermons with the same title, Do Not Be Afraid. It was by coincidence, but in retrospect, we both felt it was needed and it worked. Again, by a coincidental occurrence, we are offering back-to-back newsletter articles relating to our 300th celebration and the path forward.

We celebrate so many big events in our life – a new job, graduations, marriages, an athletic or artistic performance; and we are truly caught up in the moment – but then, the inevitable questions always appear: What happens now? Where do we go from here?
Yesterday was great, but what will tomorrow bring?

These questions now face us as a church; coming off an incredibly moving and emotional worship service, highlighted by musical offerings which touched every aspect of our souls.

The Brandenburg Concerto, The Anthem of Dedication, Shawn Kirschner’s rendition of Take My Life and Let It Be (which was our commissioned piece), Arvo Part’s Mirror in Mirror during communion, Gymnopdie for the offering, and Here I Am Lord with
piano, organ and strings to close in an energetic and passionate singing that shall stay with me forever.

Yes, we had the opportunity and the blessing to be a part of a very special service, celebrating a very special anniversary; but we are not going to live in the past. We are going to move on – to the calling of Jesus to be his church for tomorrow and all the tomorrows to follow. We are going to take that infusion of energy and the Holy Spirit, to be the light of Christ for all.

We are going to be better neighbors, better servants, and better disciples; filled with the Spirit as we start to write the next
paragraphs, pages and chapters in the book that is the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury.

Where do we go from here? Forward, in the footsteps of Christ. What happens now? Just wait and see, for the hope and prospect is
truly glorious.

Thanks be to God.

Milt Fredericks
Lay Pastor of Congregational Care