THANK YOU! for your donations to Dee’s Alternative Gift Market. A total of $3450 was donated to the following missions:

  • GWCM Food Bank $460
  • Habitat for Humanity $740
  • Community Dinner $640
  • Family Promise $350
  • Cuba Mission $505
  • Urban Promise $460
  • Kim Torres Mission in Iran $295

Original Posting:

DEE’S ALTERNATIVE GIFT MARKET continues this Sunday. Dee Tanzola was a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury for many years and had a great love for the Advent season. One of the favorite stories from Dee was about the family’s Christmas morning tradition. Before presents could be opened or stocking dumped out, the family would gather in the kitchen and gather around a birthday cake. Candles would be lit, and they would sing “Happy Birthday, Jesus.” Even after the kids moved out of the house and before Dee would come to visit family with gifts, she and Dave would stop each Christmas morning and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. A moment to recognize the wonderful gift of a Savior. A moment of joyful celebration. We know that
Dee Tanzola could proclaim like the angels this joyful statement: “I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.”

Dee’s Market has been a way to honor her ministry and support local, national and international ministries. Please consider making a donation to one of the ministries: Urban Promise, Cuba, Habitat for Humanity, GWCM Food Bank, Community Dinner, and Kim Torres Mission and sharing this as a gift with a friend or family members.