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In his 1920 Presidential campaign, Sen. Warren G. Harding of Ohio, pledged a “return to normalcy.” Now, Harding, for the most part, was not a man of vision; unless you count looking backward; but he was a Senator from a key state who “looked” like a President and thus, seemed the right man for the […]

What is the Church

by Milt Fredericks

I, originally, had intended an entirely different article; but in truth, I was so moved by Pastor Phil’s message in the last newsletter that I felt compelled to offer a follow up piece along the same lines. I wanted to echo the theme of the great importance of being together in worship – each with […]

The Blessings of Spring

by Milt Fredericks

Okay, I know it was really chilly for a few weeks, and it rained, 13 Fridays in a row, and the pollen count is now being measured like snow accumulation; but look around – springtime is a blessing. It is green and lush; the flowers and flowering trees have been spectacular and we all get […]

A Note of Thanks

by Milt Fredericks

This is the time for my scheduled contribution to the newsletter; and while there was a topic I was thinking about addressing, it will put be on hold for a bit. The reason is simple, as all of us know there are those times when life gets in the way of our plans, and this […]

Called To Serve

by Milt Fredericks

One of our important ministries that we really need to re charge is delivering communion to the homebound. We are looking to October 7th as the start of what we hope revitalizes this calling. Currently we have some 20-26 members classified as homebound on our Deacons’ Special Persons List. And, at any given time we […]

Let Us Break Bread Together

by Milt Fredericks
Women's Association

The words of this African American spiritual are usually heard on a communion Sunday as we come to God’s table. It is a hymn that calls us to come, to fall on our knees with our face to the rising sun, to break bread, to drink wine and to praise God. It is powerful; and […]

A Meeting of the Minds; And Souls

by Milt Fredericks

As many of you may now know our Congregational/Corporation meeting will be held on Sunday, January 28th at 4:00 PM in the Sanctuary. But, it will not be your ordinary meeting set up. We have met at 10:30 – right after worship and we have met at noon, following Sunday School. I can remember meetings […]

An Unknown Treasure

by Milt Fredericks

A few years ago I wrote an article for the newsletter about one of the real unknown treasures in our church – our Library. I felt, because some time had passed and refreshers are always helpful; and because for many this treasure is still unknown; a sequel was called for. Just as Ron Howard, George […]