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Welcome Back

by Jack Hill

As spring gives us hints of things to come, the world is slowly coming back. More and more activities are springing back. With this, I have decided to give up Covid for Lent… Beginning on Sunday, March 6 we will welcome all interested choir members to “come back” to choir! There will be a few […]

South Jersey Choral Arts Concert

by Jack Hill

SOUTH JERSEY CHORAL ARTS CONCERT will be held on Sunday, December 12th at 3:00 pm in the sanctuary. All are invited to come and enjoy an afternoon of beautiful music.

Attention Choir Members

by Jack Hill

Due to the continuing threat posed through the Covid Delta variant, we will not be starting Choir until further notice. Our soloists will continue to provide music during our services. Singing in tight quarters without masks is not advisable. The intention is to bring everyone back once it is determined that masks are no longer […]

God Is Here!

by Jack Hill

There is no doubt that many of us are suffering from what I call POS (Pandemic Overload Syndrome). Too much has already been written and said about the subject. However, as the body of Christ, we have our own unique situation which I believe needs some thought. We have been fortunate to have a group […]

Stewardship: Ability

by Jack Hill

“Abilities” Jack HillOctober 18, 2020 I am glad to have a moment to speak on Stewardship.  The continuous support of so many individuals to the life of our church over the years is truly inspiring.  The many of you who continue to support this vibrant church now, and so many departed souls, who over the […]

Style of Worship

by Jack Hill

Christian worship has undergone many changes over the millennia. The word of God and our beliefs have remained consistent but our ways of expressing our joy in worship has undergone massive change. Worshippers in the early church were mere observers. Through the Reformation and subsequent centuries, the participants in worship have taken on a more […]

300th Anniversary Update

by Jack Hill

October 2019 marks two years until the culminating celebration of our church’s 300 years of ministry. October 3, 2021 will be the concluding worship and celebration of a yearlong commemoration of this milestone. Our Social Media Group has already “gone live” with our logo for this event. Check out our presence on social media. Our […]

Birthday Plans

by Jack Hill

Believe it or not, we are fast approaching our church’s 300th Anniversary in 2021. Our committee has been meeting and plans are being formulated. We have chosen our theme. The words can be found in the old hymn “Take My Life”. By Frances Havergal. These words are timeless and the committee felt that they have […]


by Jack Hill
Easter flowers with silver cross

I love the church calendar this year. Sometimes Easter is so early that the natural blooms are still closed and all the Easter flowers we see have been forced and seem out of place. Having Easter to celebrate the end of April allows us to experience the re-birth of our environment as we herald the […]

Love The Guest Is On The Way

by Jack Hill
Advent Candles

Advent is here! Isn’t that the cry you hear when out in the world amid the hustle and bustle? I think not. Our society is filled with people preparing for Christmas but how much of this preparation involves us preparing for the Christ child? We all know the answer to that question. Christmas begins on December 25th. After our month of […]