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From the Pastor: Liminal

by Phil Oehler

During the past several months, I have been reading about discernment and change in institutions, like the church.  One of the buzz words in the clergy world is “LIMINAL.” A liminal season is when we are in-between the familiar, known, predictable world we’ve lived in, and the unfamiliar, unknown, unpredictable future that is ahead of […]

From the Pastor: Share your assets

by Phil Oehler

I am blessed with many talented and wonderful clergy colleagues during my 27 years of ordained ministry.  Pastors who have served in large churches, mid-sized churches and small churches.  Ministers who have been Executive Presbyters, served at synod level and served as leadership in the General Assembly.  I am thankful for all those who have […]

June Covid Protocols

by Phil Oehler

At a called Session Meeting on Tuesday, June 1st, the Session, unanimously, adopted the following protocols for Worship: No social distancing requirements in the building; Bibles and Hymnals will be replaced in the pews to aid in worship; Communion, the Offering and the Passing of the Peace of Christ shall remain as we have been […]

Men of The Presbyterian Church at Woodbury

by Phil Oehler

Some history of Men of the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury Men of the Church  – The Early years During the 18th and 19th centuries, church leadership was almost exclusively available only to men. Thankfully, Church leadership has evolved to include women in all phases of church leadership roles. The examples listed below represent a small […]

From the Pastor: Moving Forward

by Phil Oehler

I have been gathering via Zoom with clergy collogues on Tuesday morning over the last year and we have been discussing a variety of topics related to self-care, congregational care, worship, pandemic protocols and most recently returning to worship. At our last gathering, we looked at an article by Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, who is pastor […]

From the Pastor: Becky Schad

by Phil Oehler

Scripture tells us that “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Becky Schad has done a wonderful job as Youth Director: building relationships with students, participating in Triennium, leading Bible Studies and offering pastoral care, but a new season is here. After consultation with the Executive Presbyter for […]

Hand Painted Tricentennial Slate Tiles

by Phil Oehler
Slate Tricentennial Tile

Slate Roof Tiles from the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury have been beautifully painted by member Becca Brown.  There are six hand-painted tiles – each with a unique picture of the sanctuary up for auction. Bidding for a slate tile begins at $100.00 and the highest bidder will receive first choice of the tiles. The remaining […]

From the Pastor: What is our story now?

by Phil Oehler

From the Pastor… On Tuesday, March 16, West Jersey Presbytery ended its ministry with the following statement: “Today we have celebrated with thanksgiving the life and work of the faith and ministry of the Presbytery of West Jersey.  We have served as a witness to God’s presence for over 181 years.  We have provided refuge, […]

2021 Lenten Bible Study via Zoom

by Phil Oehler
7 Last Words of the Cross

The Hope of Glory 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Ash Wednesday Service February 17 7 pm In the Beginning “Father, forgive them…” February 24 7 pm “…today you will be with Me in Paradise”“Woman, behold thy son!” March 3 7 pm Why has thou forsaken me? “I thirst” March 10 7 pm “It is finished:” […]

From the Pastor: The Cross

by Phil Oehler

From the Pastor… We are in the midst of a Lenten Study by Jon Meacham on the Last Seven Words of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  During one of the recent Zoom gathering, we talked about the image of the cross and the symbolism of the cross for modern believers.  How do we “see” this […]