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GWCM Food Bank

by Kathi Lynch

GWCM FOOD BANK is one of the missions the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury supports. In June, during our worship service, we heard all about this great organization. Here is a link to the video about the Food Bank: Hope for GWCM Short – YouTube You can help! Donations are especially needed at this time due […]


by Kathi Lynch

Thank you for bringing in your coins and dollars! 2¢ A MEAL donations have totaled $156.83 for 2022 so far. The money has been sent to the GWCM Food Pantry.

Mardi-Bras: Thank You!

by Kathi Lynch

June 7, 2022 The Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries thanks you for your generosity and kindness. Our church has contributed 11 bras and $285 to the GWCM Mardi-BRA drive. April 21, 2022 What: GWCM Food Pantry will give each woman coming to the foodpantry a bra for Mother’s Day. How: Donations of any size new bra/bras […]