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300th Celebration Pictures Needed

by Kathi Lynch

If anyone has pictures of the church’s 300th celebration, can you please send in copies of the pictures to the office for a scrapbook that is going to be made for the church’s 300th celebration.

What Happens Now?

by Milt Fredericks

A couple of weeks ago, Pastor Phil and I did back-to-back sermons with the same title, Do Not Be Afraid. It was by coincidence, but in retrospect, we both felt it was needed and it worked. Again, by a coincidental occurrence, we are offering back-to-back newsletter articles relating to our 300th celebration and the path […]

300th Celebration and Prayer Garden Dedication

by Kathi Lynch

THANK YOU! It is said that many hands make light work and that is a true statement during the last two years of preparation for Sunday’s tricentennial celebration. THANK YOU to our staff, Phil Oehler, Milt Fredericks, Jack Hill, Kristen Franchetti, Jan Edick, Kathy Federici, and Kathi Lynch. We want to thank all those members […]


by Milt Fredericks

The number 300 has found its share of significance throughout history and into modern culture. Supposedly, according to famous historian Herodotus, the emperor Leonidas took 300 off his private guard of Spartans to hold off the invading Persian army at the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. In bowling rolling a 300 is a perfect […]

September Theme: Christian Education

by Kathi Lynch

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Our church is celebrating 300 years of being a Christian community in Woodbury. In September the focus will be on Christian Education- what do you think Sundays were like in 1721? Was there Worship? Was there Sunday School? We need your help to make September a month to remember! There are […]

Worship & Concert with David LaMotte

by Kathi Lynch

David LaMotte is an award-winning songwriter, speaker and writer. He has performed over 3000 concerts and released twelve full-length CDs of primarily original music, touring in all of the fifty states, as well as five of the seven continents. The Boston Globe writes that his music “pushes the envelope with challenging lyrics and unusual tunings, […]