From the Pastor: Star Gift

by Phil Oehler

The season after Christmas and before Lent can often seem like a “down” time in the church year—as if we’re simply marking time while waiting for another grand celebration. Whether it is because we are suffering from holiday fatigue or influenced by gloomy winter weather, the season of Epiphany can go by unnoticed and unheralded.  […]

The Annual Congregational/Corporation Meeting

by Kathi Lynch

THE ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL/CORPORATION MEETING of the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2021, at 10:30 am. The purpose of the Meeting is to receive the 2020 Annual Reports and approve the Terms of Call for the Pastor. All members are reminded to be present (in person or via zoom) for […]

Thank You, Deacons!

by Kathi Lynch

The Deacons will be gathering at the church on Saturday, January 9th at 9 AM to take down the decorations. We would like to thank the Deacons for making the sanctuary look so beautiful this Christmas season and also, Janet Edick for keeping the Poinsettias so fresh each week.

2020 Annual Reports

by Kathi Lynch

If you were given a memo about submitting a report, we need it NO LATER than January 8. You can forward a Word document to

2021 Apportionment

by Kathi Lynch

The first offering envelope in the box is for the Per Capita offering. This offering of $37.00 per person ($74.00 per couple) helps offset the Per Capita Apportionment. If each member donates their share, over $9,500 would be freed up for church programs and Mission use.

300th Anniversary Speakers

by Kathi Lynch

February 7 Rev. Dr. Martha Moore-KeishJ.B. Green Professor of TheologyColumbia Theological Seminary March 7 Rev. Dr. Mouris A. YousefBlackwood Presbyterian ChurchBlackwood, NJ April 4 Music/Art EASTER Rev. Dr. Deborah BrinicivalliWest Jersey Presbytery

You Can’t Have Too Many Prayers

by Milt Frederick

One of the ministries we have been blessed with over the years is our prayer chain. Each week they receive the prayers of the people from the list on Sunday, and they pray for those folks throughout the week.  Currently we have seven faithful servants in this role who do such a wonderful job fulfilling […]

Sunday Services Playback, December 27, 2020

by pcw1rick

Sunday, December 27, 2020 Playback. Interested in the Christmas Eve Service Playback? Click here! Interested in last Sunday’s playback? Click here! Looking for a previous Sunday playback? Click here!