Not Giving Up

by Milt Fredericks

Just as we have seasons of the year, one could also say that we have seasons in our faith as well. Some come with guidelines, like we know that we […]

Lenten Devotionals

by Kathi Lynch

Lenten Devotionals are available in the chapel and narthex Please pick one up to use during the Lenten season.

Souper Bowl of Caring

by Kathi Lynch

Update: February 21, 2023 THANK YOU! for your generous donations to the SOUPER BOWL OF CARING last Sunday. Over $617 was donated! All money donated goes to the Greater Woodbury […]

New Members!

by Kathi Lynch

February 8, 2023 We welcomed Julie Hendry into our church family on Sunday. Julie is also our Nursery Care Giver on Sunday Mornings. June 7, 2022 We welcomed our new […]

2023 Apportionment

by Kathi Lynch

The first offering envelope in the box is for the Per Capita offering. This offering of $37.00 per person ($74.00 per couple) helps offset the Per Capita Apportionment. If each […]

2-cents-A-Meal Donations

by Kathi Lynch

2¢ A MEAL donations will be collected during the month of February. Please bring your coins in and drop them in the soup pot.

2023 Offering Envelopes

by Kathi Lynch

OFFERING ENVELOPES are available in the chapel. If you received envelopes this year, you will be given envelopes again for 2023. If you requested no envelopes this year, you will […]