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Worship Notes, June 5, 2022, Acts 2: 1-21

The Presbyterian Church at Woodbury June 5, 2022 PENTECOST 9:30 am On the Day of Pentecost, we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit descending in a mighty rush of wind and flame to inspire the church’s proclamation of Christ’s rising and to empower its mission and ministry to the world.  WELCOME OPENING PRAYER Lord […]

Worship Notes, May 8, 2022, Acts 9:36-43

The Presbyterian Church at Woodbury May 8, 2022 Fourth Sunday of Easter 9:30 am WELCOME OPENING PRAYER God, When you heard Peter say to the body, ‘Tabitha, get up’ were you delighted with his faith? With his belief that in Christ death is actually overcome?  Do you will us to believe yet? To believe that almost one billion people can hunger no […]

Worship Notes, July 4, 2021, Acts 22:6-11, Luke 24:13 – 35

The Presbyterian Church at Woodbury July 4, 2021 6th Sunday after Pentecost 9:30 am PRAYER OF PREPARATION Almighty God, pour out the spirit of grace and supplication on all who desire it.  Deliver us from cold hearts and wandering thoughts, that with steady minds and burning zeal we may worship you in spirit and in […]

Worship Notes, May 23, 2021, Acts 2:1-21

The Presbyterian Church at Woodbury May 23, 2021 Day of Pentecost 9:30 AM PRAYER OF PREPARATION Come, Holy Spirit, the one who sang a new melody as God’s Creation rose from Chaos, who wept at the dark shadow of a cross, and who danced early in the morning, at the opening of an empty tomb, […]